mv & AI Dashcams

Utilising AI to power your business needs.

Prevent accidents with FOZA's AI-powered dash cams.

AI-powered dash cams are a powerful tool for improving fleet safety and efficiency. These cameras use artificial intelligence to detect potential hazards and warn drivers, as well as to track driver behaviour and identify risky patterns. This information can be used to coach drivers on safe driving practices and to prevent accidents.

In addition to improving safety, AI-powered dash cams can also help to protect businesses from liability. In the event of an accident, the footage from these cameras can be used to provide clear and objective evidence of what happened. This can help to protect businesses from false claims and to reduce insurance costs.

Finally, AI-powered dash cams can also empower drivers. By providing drivers with feedback on their driving behaviour, these cameras can help drivers to improve their skills and to become safer drivers. This can lead to reduced accidents, lower insurance costs, and increased productivity.

Active Monitoring

Distracted driving is a major cause of commercial vehicle accidents. Our AI-powered technology can help you prevent distracted driving by detecting incidents. Our technology uses a combination of sensors and AI to detect these incidents. When an incident is detected, the driver will receive an audio and visual alert.

Live Monitoring

Live HD video feeds can help you improve road safety and security by providing insights into dangerous driving behaviours and security alerts. This can help you identify potential hazards, improve response times to incidents, and reduce liability risk to your fleet.

Cloud Hosted Video

Our cloud-hosted telematics solution makes it easy to find the video footage you need. The solution automatically tags your video footage by time and incident type, so you can quickly and easily find the footage you need to better understand your fleet.

Complete View

A multi-camera system can provide 360-degree visibility of your fleet vehicles. Cameras can be installed to monitor the driver, the road ahead, and the sides and rear of the vehicle. These cameras can be weatherproof and have night vision, so you can capture footage in all conditions.

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